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Northern Huts

The North Gariwerd Is Wild and Dramatic, featuring unique rock formations, cascading waterfalls and stunning 360º views.


From $1,850 AUD

Per person, quad-share.
Includes meals


3 days | 2 nights

34.6km (21.5 miles) Includes 1100m of elevation.

glamping grampians


Basic Comforts

On trail, campsite acommodation in 4-bed huts More

glamping grampians


Grade 4 Trail

Bushwalking experience recommended More

  3 days | 2 nights
  34.6km (21.5 miles)
  Difficulty | Moderate
  On-trail hiker huts
  3 days | 2 nights
  34.6km (21.5 miles)
  Difficulty | Moderate
  On-trail hiker huts

The Northern Huts Glamping Walk is a 3-day, 2-night journey that will traverse the Mount Difficult range in the Northern Grampians. Using the on-trail ‘signature hiker camps’ we will get to experience an uninterrupted journey without having to sleep on the floor in a tent. On-trail 4-berth hiker huts provide protection from the elements, comfortable mattresses, LED lighting, and plenty of room to keep your life organised.

glamping grampians
glamping grampians
glamping grampians
glamping grampians
glamping grampians
glamping grampians
glamping grampians
glamping grampians


We’ll begin our journey at the Gar Trailhead in Roses Gap, pass some of the most spectacular seasonal waterfalls in the Grampians, reach incredible high points that offer 360-degree views and over 3 days make our way back to Halls Gap. Each night we’ll stay at a Signature Hiker Camp, rest, enjoy a freshly cooked trail meal and sleep under a blanket of stars on a comfortable bed. No matter your level of hiking experience, our passionate local team will guide and support you through this journey to explore their backyard.

Itinerary Summary
Day 1: Briefing at our Hiker HUB in Halls Gap, transfer to Gar trailhead. Hike N2 to Gar Signature Hiker Camp.
Day 2: Hike N3 – Gar to Werdug Signature Hiker Camp.
Day 3: Hike N4 – Werdug to Halls Gap. Clean up at our Hiker HUB before a celebratory drink at the local brewery.

OUR Huts walks INCLUDE

•  Qualified and experienced local guides.
•  2 nights in 4-berth huts at Signature Hiker Camps
•  Fresh and healthy camp-cooked meals.
•  All meals on the trail.
•  Any required transfers.
•  Group safety equipment, including first aid kits and satellite phones.


For a full list of departure dates, click ‘Book Now’ below.

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Day 1: Gar, Pacific Ocean Wall, Briggs Bluff

9.6km  ⬆516m  ⬇40m

Meet your guide and the expedition team at the Grampians Peaks Walking Co Hiker Hub in Halls Gap for a briefing and gear check before a transfer to Gar Trailhead in Roses Gap – approximately 30 minutes drive.

Immediately, we begin to ascend the lower slopes of Gar (Mount Difficult), find and begin to follow a small, unsuspecting watercourse – seasonal and rainfall dependent. Over the next few km, we will witness this watercourse cascading over a series of drops each one more spectacular than the last.

After we gain the top of the last waterfall, we’ll head towards the ‘Pacific Ocean Wall’, a cliff ‘as big as the pacific ocean’, ascend its flank via a superbly built stone stairway and continue climbing up to Briggs Bluff. With most of the ascent completed, from here we can traverse our way along the high ground before arriving at Gar Signature Hiker Camp and its breathtaking views.

We will tour the campsite and check into our huts before kicking back to relax, enjoy some refreshments and absorb the landscape. Later, our guides will whip up a fantastic, fresh, healthy trail meal and we’ll enjoy a matched glass of local Grampians wine.

glamping grampians
glamping grampians

Day 2: Gar Summit, Werdug Basin

15km  ⬆521m  ⬇462m

An early start this morning as we head up to the summit of Gar for a sunrise like no other. We’ll then return to camp for breakfast and then depart on the day’s journey.

We will sharply descend the eastern slopes of Gar, cross the northern end of the Werdug (Wartook) Basin and gain the ridge of the eastern flank of the Mount Difficult range. Continuing south along this high ground we will eventually reach Werdug Hiker Camp with stunning views overlooking Lake Wartook and a clear line of sight all the way back to the top of Gar where we stood that morning.

Day 3: Eastern Slopes of Gar, Chautauqua Peak

10 km  ⬆ 33m  ⬇ 587m

Our last day on the trail (for this expedition!) will continue along the eastern flank of Mount Difficult and slowly tip over and descend towards the town of Halls Gap. For one last hoorah, we’ll head out to the end of Chautauqua Peak before finishing our descent all the way into Halls Gap. We’ll head back to the Grampians Peaks Walking Co Hiker HUB where we can shower, collect our gear, and celebrate with lunch and a local craft beer at the conveniently adjoining brewery.

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More Information

Our glamping Grampians ‘Huts Walk’ programs are designed for those who love to hike and explore (no matter your level of experience) and want a continuous journey – multiple days, start to finish without leaving the trail but prefer the idea of sleeping in a hut with a bed and mattress. While we take care of all the group equipment (cooking equipment, food etc) and mattresses are provided in the huts, you will need to be capable of carrying your personal clothing and sleeping bag, approximately 6-10 kgs.

If you don’t mind sleeping in a lightweight hiking tent and plan to walk the whole length of the GPT over a number of visits, check out our Expedition programs.

If you like creature comforts like a hot shower at the end of each day and walking pack free – check out our Grampians Luxe programs, Northern Huts Glamping, Luxury Walk & Accommodation, and Luxury Walking Tours Australia.

This is a list of personal clothing and equipment that you will be required to bring for the Northern Huts Grampians Glamping Walk. If there is anything on this list that you don’t have, we can assist! We have essential walking equipment available for rent – browse online and pick it up in our store in Halls Gap before your trip.


  • Hiking boots/shoes or sturdy trail runners
  • 2 – 3 pairs of hiking socks
  • A comfortable pair of footwear for the evening (optional)
  • 1-2 Hiking shirt
  • 1 pair of hiking shorts
  • 3 days worth of comfortable underwear
  • 1 pair of hiking pants
  • Light warm layer for daytime
  • Heavy warm layer for nighttime
  • Waterproof rain jacket and pants
  • 1 x set of thermal baselayers (If travelling outside of summer)
Head and hands
  • Sun hat
  • Warm beanie (If travelling outside of summer)
  • Neck warmer or ‘buff’ type multipurpose UV resistant neck tube (optional)
  • Sunglasses 
    • UV resistant and polarised are recommended
  • Sunglasses strap 
  • Warm gloves (If travelling outside of summer)

Health and hygiene

  • Personal toiletries
    • Toothbrush/paste
    • Sunscreen (min UPF 30+) 
    • Small facecloth
    • Feminine hygiene (if required)
    • Lip Balm (or pawpaw cream from your first aid kit)
  • Personal Medications
    • Pain killers (whatever works for you)
    • Anti-inflammatories
    • Throat lozenges
    • Anything else you think you might need
  • Personal first aid kit
    • This is for general/basic first aid maintenance and doesn’t. Blister dressings, bandaids, pawpaw cream, your above medications, burn/bite/antiseptic cream etc. should all fit into a sandwich size zip lock bag!
  • Small waterless hand sanitiser
  • Emergency toilet paper stash – just in case!

Trekking gear

  • Hiking pack – 45-60L
  • Sleeping bag – rated appropriately to your season of travel
  • Trekking poles (optional – recommended to have rubber stoppers on the ends)
  • Ability to carry 3L of water (Bladder or bottles)
  • A few small accessory carabiners (handy to clip drink bottles etc)
  • Head Torch with spare batteries or USB rechargeable
  • Waterproofing system for your backpack – Sleeping bag and warm layers must be waterproof, this could be with dry compression bags or simply just a heavy-duty garbage bag
  • Camera! (optional)
  • 1 x awesome attitude (this cannot be hired, must be brought from home)
Need help deciding? We’re here for you.

Want to know more about the Grampians Northern Huts Glamping Walk? Speak with an expert. Call us, email us, or visit us in Halls Gap – we’re looking forward to hearing from you!