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Gear Rental

Gear Rental

Hiring equipment is a great way to make sure you have the right gear for the task at hand without having to invest a lot of money. Whether you dont hike very often or you want to try out a new bit of gear – renting is a great solution.

For most items, we have a ‘basic’ (quality and durable) and a ‘premium’ (lightweight and more comfortable) option. Generally, the premium options are what we use on our guided walks or ourselves as guides and also stock in our retail shop.


If you love your hiking gear rental, after your trip you can buy it new in our shop and we will discount the rental price off the purchase of the new item – think of it like a ‘try before you buy’!

Our Equipment
  • Safety – PLB, Zoleo satellite messenger, satellite phone
  • Tents
  • Backpacks
  • Sleeping bags
  • Mattresses
  • Stoves
  • Walking poles

How it works

Our hiking gear rental is based out of our Halls Gap Hiker Hub, simply come and see us on the day of your booking and check out your gear. If you have any questions or need a demonstration on how to use the equipment, don’t hesitate to ask!

When you book, you will be sent a link to complete a waiver and rental agreement online, you can save time and do this before you arrive, or simply fill it out in store.

From $15AUD

Gear Rentals FAQs

Yes! We strongly recommend not relying on a mobile phone for communications and safety, there are a lots of sections of the trail that have no phone coverage.

All gear hired from us must be returned to our office in Halls Gap unless otherwise organized. If you’re not returning to Halls Gap after finishing your walk, contact us before you book to see what we can arrange.

As with most things, it’s your responsibility to look after the equipment that you hire. If you damage or lose any hired equipment, we may need to charge you the reasonable cost of repairing or replacing the item.

Hiker Support

Taking on the GPT self-guided can be an amazing experience. There’s a lot to think about in planning, but luckily, we are here to help.

Where will you start and finish? Where will you leave your car and how will you return to it? How many days will you walk for and how much food will you need or want to carry? Do you have all of the necessary gear to stay safe and comfortable?

Our hiker support services are designed to assist with your planning and provide solutions to any logistical challenges you may encounter.