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Scheduled Transport

Scheduled Transport – the GPT Express

The GPT Express is a scheduled hiking shuttle service that runs the entire length of the trail from Dunkeld to Mount Zero. It’s purpose, and schedule, is designed to move people from south to north so that you can walk north to south.

For most hikes, its best to leave your car at the end of your walk and book the GPT Express shuttle to get you to the start on your first day – that way there’s no time pressure to finish the walk on the last day and you can have all you need waiting for you in your car.

GPT Express Ticket Zones: Northern – Central – Southern

The GPT is divided into three travel zones and each zone is priced based on it’s distance/time from Halls Gap, to the end of that zone and back. When booking your shuttle, you’ll need to book a ticket that covers your whole journey.

Northern Zone

Covers travel from Halls Gap northwards to Gar and Mt Zero trailheads. 

Central Zone

Covers pick up and drop off between Jimmy Creek Trailhead and Halls Gap

Southern Zone

Covers a pick up between Dunkeld and Yarram Gap Rd and drop off anywhere between Dunkeld and Halls Gap – note this includes the central zone!

End to End

In addition to these zones, there is a specific End to End ticket that will take you from Dunkeld to Mt Zero with one simple booking – you’ll even stop off briefly in Halls Gap for enough time to pack your food drops. 

GPT Express Departures: AM – PM – Early AM (summer only)

Our schedule is designed so you can start or finish your walk in just about any configuration. The AM southern departure returns to Halls Gap and connects with the AM northern departure. There is also a PM departure of the Southern Zone allowing you to get a lift back after your day’s walk.

In the summer months, we also add an additional earlier departure of the Northern Zone – taking off at 7 am so that you can get a jump on your first day and beat the heat!

Use this Shuttle and Food Drop map to get an overview of the locations and timetable.

GPT Express shuttle and food drop locations and times

How to book

  1. First you will need to work out which zone you’ll need and if you want a morning or afternoon shuttle then click ‘book now’ next to that ticket
  2. Enter the number of passengers you’re booking for
  3. Select  your ‘from’ and ‘to’ locations: you will see the schedule time next to each location
  4. Depart: Select your required departure date

After you complete your booking you will receive a confirmation email that includes a link to the above location and timetable map. Please double check the times and locations of your booking and let us know as soon as possible if anything needs changing! 

If you’re getting picked up in Halls Gap, you can meet our team inside the Halls Gap Visitors Information Centre. For all other locations, please wait at the official GPT trailhead carparks for our GPWC branded vehicle.

Cancellation Policy

We understand unforeseen things happen. We always strive to be as fair and balanced as possible. If you can’t make your trip for any reason and no longer require our services, with more than 14 days’ notice we are happy to reschedule your booking to a future date or provide a full refund. If rescheduling is not possible, or there is less than 14 days’ notice, the following cancellation policy applies:

  • Cancellations 15 days or more prior to the departure date: Any payments made can be transferred or refunded in full.

  • Cancellations between 72 hrs and 14 days prior to the departure date:  Full credit for the total booking value that can be applied to any future booking.

  • Cancellations 72 hrs or less prior to the departure date: No refund or credit is possible.

From $120 AUD

Scheduled Transport FAQs

The best place to leave your car is at the trailhead where you will finish you walk and use our hiking shuttle service to start you walk. This way, you’re under no time pressure and you car is waiting for you at the end.

If you want to leave your car in Halls Gap, book the Northern Zone – AM to get to the start of your walk and the Southern Zone – PM to get picked up at the end and taken back to Halls Gap. You can also celebrate with a night in Dunkeld and get the Southern Zone – AM the next morning.

If you’re leaving your car in Dunkeld, use our GPT Express End-2-End ticket to get all the way from Dunkeld to Halls Gap in one go.

If you’re leaving your car in Halls Gap, the best place to park is behind the information center on Heath St. There is plenty of parking with just enough traffic to be safe.

There is some great new parking specifically for GPT walkers on Wills St, behind the Memorial Park opposite the Dunkeld Post office. If you’re coming from Ballarat (Melbourne), the Dunkeld Information Centre will be on your right and the memorial park on your left – turn left into sterling street and left again into WIlls St – park and then walk back through the park to the Information Center to meet your shuttle.

Add your hiking shuttle service selection to the ‘cart’ then click ‘make another booking’ to add your food drops to activate a bundle discount of 10% off.

Hiker Support

Taking on the GPT self-guided can be an amazing experience. There’s a lot to think about in planning, but luckily, we are here to help.

Where will you start and finish? Where will you leave your car and how will you return to it? How many days will you walk for and how much food will you need or want to carry? Do you have all of the necessary gear to stay safe and comfortable?

Our hiker support services are designed to assist with your planning and provide solutions to any logistical challenges you may encounter.