Northern Luxe

The North Gariwerd Is Wild and Dramatic, featuring unique rock formations, cascading waterfalls and stunning 360º views.

  4 days | 3 nights
  28.5km (17.7 miles)
  Easy | Comfortable
  Private Eco-lodge
  4 days | 3 nights
  28.5km (17.7 miles)
  Easy | Comfortable
  Private Eco-lodge

The Northern Luxe Guided Walk is a 4 day, 3 night all-inclusive tour through the Northern Grampians – by far, the most dramatic part of the Gariwerd Landscape. Its dry, sandy gullies and valley floors are dominated by huge rocky outcrops and the biggest sheer sandstone cliffs found anywhere in the Grampians. Enjoy private lodging by night, pack-free walks by day, and local wine & fare.

Stunning views on our Northern Luxe tour of the Northern Grampians.
Ascending Mount Stapylton in the Grampians.
Local wine offered nightly at our Luxe private eco-lodges.
Mount Rosea trail in the Grampians
Ancient Indigenous Art in Grampians National Park
Beehive Falls in the Northern Grampians.
A shelf cave underneath the summit of Gunigalg (Mount Stapylton).


Our tour begins at Mount Zero and continues through Mount Stapylton, Bariga Falls, Brigg’s Bluff, Wimmera Plains, and Beehive Falls, to name just a few iconic landmarks. On the way, we’ll experience ancient indigenous rock art, scramble to incredible 360-degree views, and feel dwarfed by the scale of the landscape.

Each day, transfer back to your private, off-grid eco-lodge and, after a hot shower, enjoy a glass of local wine and sample some local Grampians produce before dining on a banquet-style home-cooked feast.​

Itinerary Summary
Day 1: Arrive at our eco-lodge at your leisure. Light dinner available before briefing if required.
Day 2: A short transfer, then we begin our walk from Mount Zero along the GPT back to our eco-lodge for the evening.
Day 3: From our eco-lodge, we’ll continue along the GPT. A short transfer is available if required back to the lodge at day’s end.
Day 4: Visit an indigenous art site before a tour of a local olive grove. Refreshments at the olive grove before heading back to the eco-lodge for departure.


•  All required transport.
•  3 nights accommodation in our private, off-grid eco-lodge.
•  All meals: healthy track snacks, local fare, and fresh in-house dinners, complemented by local wines & produce.
•  Safety equipment, including first aid kits and satellite phones.
•  Small groups – a maximum of 10 walkers.
•  The company of experienced, award-winning local guides.


Day 1: Welcome to your eco-lodge

Arrive at our eco-lodge at your leisure. Enjoy a welcome drink on your arrival. There will be a light dinner available for those that arrive in time. Once the team has assembled, we will hold a briefing for the next few days. The evening is then yours to relax, and get to know your new friends.

Inside our Northern Luxe private eco-lodge.
A shelf cave underneath the summit of Gunigalg (Mount Stapylton).

Day 2: Mt Zero, Mt Stapylton, Barigar Falls

12.5 km  ⬆ 450m  ⬇ 490m

A short transfer will take us to the very northern end of the Grampians Peaks Trail where we’ll begin our walk. From Mount Zero we will pass through the Stapylton Amphitheatre and be dwarfed by one of Victoria’s tallest and steepest rock climbing walls. We’ll exit the amphitheatre and have the option for a very scrambly ascent to the summit of Mount Stapylton. It’s quite a scramble with some exposure to heights, so this side trip may not be for everyone. On return, we’ll continue southward, until we descend through a gorge and visit Barigar Falls before a final stretch to walk back into our eco-lodge for the evening.

Day 3: briggs bluff, wimmera plains, beehive falls

16 km  ⬆ 600m  ⬇ 600m

Walking out of our eco-lodge we’ll rejoin the Grampians Peaks Trail and continue our journey. More dramatic scenery today as we’re dwarfed again by giant sheer cliffs and explore newly rediscovered waterfalls. The high point of today’s walk is an optional side trip up to Briggs Bluff – offering an epic 360-degree view of the Northern Grampians and the Wimmera Plains. We’ll then backtrack slightly and visit Beehive Falls before a short transfer back to the eco-lodge.

Ancient Indigenous Art in the Northern Grampians.

Day 4: Ancient Indigenous Art and Local Fare

For our last day, we dial the pace back. We’ll take a short drive to visit an indigenous art site and learn a little about the cultural landscape we have been walking through, then head to a local olive grove for a tour and learn about some of the world-class produce that we’ve been tasting during our stay. Our tour will conclude with a light platter style lunch at the groves cafe. Once we have indulged, we’ll transfer back to our eco-lodge for a final debrief and departure around 1-2 pm.
More Information
Our Luxe programs are designed for those who love to hike and explore and don’t mind putting the miles in during the day and then prefer the comforts of returning to boutique accommodation for the evening.
Hot showers, crisp linen, outstanding catering – all the adventure with a little more “luxe”. Each day, you’ll only need to carry a few small items for the day such as water, a snack, and a rain jacket.
If you would prefer to camp out in our hiker camps, or if you’re more conscious of budget than comfort, check out our Expeditions.
This is a list of personal clothing and equipment that you will be required to bring for this program. If there is anything on this list that you don’t have, we can assist! We have essential walking equipment available for rent – browse online and pick it up in our store in Halls Gap before your trip.


  • Lightweight hiking shoes or sturdy trail runners
  • 3 pairs of hiking socks
  • 1 Pair of light shoes/sandals/slippers or hut booties for nighttime (optional)
  • 1-2 x shirts and pants for trekking
  • Mid to heavy warm layer – fleece or merino jumper/jacket or light synthetic fill layer
  • Waterproof and windproof rain jacket (must be fully waterproof and breathable min 20,000mm ie, not ski jacket)
  • 3-5 pairs of underwear
  • Casual evening clothing of your choice
Head and hands
  • Warm beanie – seasonally dependent
  • Neck gaiter for warmth or sun
  • Sunglasses
  • Light gloves – if traveling in winter or early spring
Sleeping gear
  • None! All bedding is supplied at our eco-lodge
Health and hygiene
  • Personal toiletries

  • Toothbrush/paste

  • small facecloth (optional)

  • Feminine hygiene (if required)

  • Small hand sanitiser – mandatory

  • Small personal first aid kit containing:

    • Sunscreen (recommend UPF 50+) or zinc

    • Lip Balm

    • Personal Medications

    • Pain killers (whatever works for you)

    • Anti-inflammatories

    • Throat lozenges

Trekking gear
  • Small hiking day pack – 15-25L capacity
  • 2 x water storage containers – either 2 x water bottle or 1 bottle and 1 bladder.
  • Hiking poles – recommended
  • Pack cover for your backpack – or ensure all valuables such as phone and camera are waterproofed
  • Camera! (optional)
  • 1 x awesome attitude (this cannot be hired, must be brought from home)
Need help deciding? We’re here for you.

Want to know more? Speak with an expert. Call us, email us, or visit us in Halls Gap – we’re looking forward to hearing from you!