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Food Drops

Food Drops

Lighten the load, save time and let us do your food drops.

Is carrying 13 days worth of food a little daunting? Fear not, we’re here to make food drops simple. Read on below to find out all you need to know.

How do food drops work?

Use the Parks Victoria GPT maps or our GPT Express and Food Drop overview map (below) to plan your route and which drop locations will work best for you.

Before your walk

You will need to come into our GPT Hiker Hub in Halls Gap and drop off your pre-organised

food. Your containers will be pre-labelled and ready for you to deposit your food and

reconfirm the date you will access each container.

During your walk

As you pass each drop location, access your drop, take out your food/supplies and deposit

any rubbish you’d like to leave behind. Seal the container firmly and replace it where you

found it.

After your walk

We will collect your container, dispose of any rubbish and sanitise the container for the next use.

Our Food Containers

We will provide you with 20L, sealed, food-grade and waterproof containers to pack your food into.

  • Container Size: 20L
  • Weather sealed: Yes
  • Food provided: No Drops are for you to pack your own food
  • Drop off AND pick up included: Yes
  • Rubbish Disposal: Yes
What to pack in your containers

You can pack food, fuel and fresh clothing into your container. Everything in your container must be sealed and shelf-stable. Containers will NOT be refrigerated and while we do our best to drop your containers the day before you will access them, sometimes this could be up to 48 hours. Pro tip: pack a ‘special treat’ into your container that you can have/enjoy at the drop location that you don’t need to carry anywhere.


There is no need to pack water into your food drop. Most food drop locations are next to a secure water tank where water is carted in.

How to book
  • Plan
    First, you will need to decide how many days of food you would like to carry at a time, and which locations you would like your food drops – use our GPT Express and Food Drop overview map (below) to help with your planning!
  • Pick Your Locations and Quantities:
    Once you click ‘book now’, set the quantity to 1 for each drop location that you require. Do you want 2 containers at the same drop location? Leave this quantity as 1 and add additional containers in the next booking stage under ‘extras’.
  • Select Your Preferred Date
    This is the date that you plan to visit our GPT Hiker Hub in Halls Gap to pack your food drops. (if you’re not planning to come through Halls Gap before you start your walk contact us for alternative arrangements. This is NOT the date you require the drop to be placed on the trail!
  • Select Your Prefered Time
    Please select the closest likely time that you will bring your food into our GPT Hiker Hub in Halls Gap to pack your food drops. The Hiker Hub is open from 9 am until 4 pm, 7 days a week.
  • Confirmation of booking
    Upon booking, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to a detailed food drop location list including images of the drop locations, GPS coordinates, google maps links and some trail information.
  • Pack Your Food
    At your booking time, come and meet our team and chat about your walk while you pack your food into your containers. Our team will reconfirm your itinerary and the dates that you will be accessing each drop. Your containers will then be labelled and securely stored until its time for them to be delivered.

Looking for transport as well? Add your food drop selection to the ‘cart’ then click ‘make another booking’ to add your transport to activate a bundle discount of 10%.

Map of Grampians Peaks Trail with shuttle stops and times and food drop locations
From $80 AUD

Food Drops FAQs

For food drops, the number of people is irrelevant to us! Each container can hold 20L, so however much you can fit in will work whether it’s food for 1 person or 3 people. If you’re hiking with a bigger group, simply add extra containers in the ‘extras’ stage of booking.

We securely store your containers in our Hiker Hub until it is time to deliver them.

If you are returning to Halls Gap after your walk, we are able to retrieve items (such as clothing) from your containers. These must be bagged and clearly labeled to be kept so they’re not disposed of with rubbish. We cannot always guarantee that ALL of your containers will be retrieved by the time you finish your walk. We are happy to post items at your expense.

Once delivered to the location, we have no way of guaranteeing their security and do not take any responsibility for damage or tampering with containers. If your container is damaged, missing or has been tampered with, while we cannot take responsibility for this, we will endeavor to assist if we can although there may be a cost involved. Note: to date, this has not been a problem.

Hiker support

Taking on the GPT self-guided can be an amazing experience. There’s a lot to think about in planning, but luckily, we are here to help.

Where will you start and finish? Where will you leave your car and how will you return to it? How many days will you walk for and how much food will you need or want to carry? Do you have all of the necessary gear to stay safe and comfortable?

Our hiker support services are designed to assist with your planning and provide solutions to any logistical challenges you may encounter.