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“Luxe”: Our Luxury Walks

The Grampians Peaks Trail is a long and diverse walk. Over its 160 km length, it offers a range of experiences for anyone seeking time in nature. At the Grampians Peaks Walking Company, we have developed a range of tours and services to make those experiences accessible to all.

No matter your level of hiking experience, your time constraints, budget or thirst for adventure, we can bring your experience to life. Read on to learn more about our Luxe tours.

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Experience more of the Grampians National Park region and don’t sacrifice any comfort to do so! Our Grampians Luxe itineraries are designed to explore not only the trails of the GPT but to give you a taste of an entire region as you travel. You’ll be stunned by incredible landscapes, taste world-class local wines, craft beer and produce and explore the history and community of each part of the GPT.

Over 3-4 days, you will be guided by one of our expert local guides to the most iconic sections of the Grampians Peaks Trail, visit local wineries, olive groves, and artists, explore ancient indigenous sites, and feast on spectacular hospitality, each night returning to your comfortable boutique eco-lodge accommodation.

Luxe Tours at a glance:

Leadership: Expert Local guides

Duration: 3 days, 3 nights

Travel style: Day walks and touring

Accommodation: Boutique small group lodge

Catering: Home-cooked meals or the best local eateries

Why choose Grampians Luxe?

These programs are designed for those who love Grampians overnight hikes and exploring but prefer a hot shower and comfortable bed each night or prefer to explore more of a region than just its hiking trails.

Grampians Luxe overnight hikes are by far the best way to explore the same rugged sections of trail without the weight of an overnight pack and the burden of sleeping in a tent. If you love your creature comforts as much as you love to hike – Grampians Luxe is for you.

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Frequently asked questions

Who will be on this program?

One of our expert local guides will lead this program from start to finish and be supported by one of our support staff that will assist in transport as well as catering.

How long are Grampians Luxe programs?

Grampians Luxe programs are over 3 days and 3 nights. You’ll join in the evening of the first day and depart just after lunch on day 4.

Where will I spend the evening?

Each afternoon we will return to our private small group lodge where you will have the opportunity for a hot shower, a glass of local wine and a gourmet grazing platter before an incredible dinner.

What will I sleep on?

All rooms in our private lodges are fitted with either queen or twin beds, comfortable mattresses, and fresh crisp linen. Towels are also provided.

What is supplied?

We organise and supply your accommodation, bedding, towels and all meals as outlined in each itinerary. You only need to bring yourself and your personal clothing and equipment for day hikes. See the details of each program for a full packing/equipment list.

What do I need to carry?

Each day you will only need to carry a small day pack with water, rain jacket, camera, a bit of sunscreen and some snacks. This shouldn’t weigh more than 3-5 kg.

What will I be eating?

All our programs are filled with healthy, fresh and delicious meals. We will take care of everything (as outlined in each itinerary) for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even some snacks along the way. Exact meals will vary depending on the itinerary and the season but for some examples; breakfasts will be a mix of continental (cereals, muesli, fruit, yogurt etc) and cooked (Pancakes, or Spanish baked eggs). Lunch could be a freshly made cold meat or falafel wrap or healthy chicken and salad bowl. Dinner will range wildly as some itineraries are fully catered in house and others are spent dining out. Either way, options are fresh, healthy, delicious and of course, plentiful!

See Grampians Luxe itineraries here.

Prefer to camp on the trail?

For fully guided Grampians overnight hikes and camping excursions, check out our Expeditions.

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