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Why We Created GPWCo.

Pandemics. Climate change. Pollution. War. Racism. Today, there is so much negativity in the world that it is heartbreaking. Fortunately, the things we do today can help lead to a better tomorrow.

When someone falls in love with an environment, they’re more likely to fight for its preservation. When someone learns about an amazing culture, they’re less likely to hold prejudice. When people take time to explore nature and in turn, themselves, it resets their perspectives and creates agents for change.

grampians tours
Everyone's GPT experience will be different - how will YOU experience it?

We believe that meaningful nature experiences and connections between people and place play a key role in overcoming many of the challenges we currently face. It is for this reason that every decision that we make for our Grampians tours and action that we take is guided by one simple purpose:

“To continually improve the health and sustainability of our community and the environment.”

In order to deliver our purpose and have the greatest positive impact on our world, we needed an objective to strive toward that provides a framework around which we create our products and services:

“To inspire and enable YOU to find YOUR Grampians Peaks Trail journey.”
grampians tours

The Grampians Peaks Trail in its entirety is a massive undertaking. 13 days, 160 km, a full traverse of the length of the Gariwerd landscape. Fortunately, there is really great access to many areas of the trail enabling world-class Grampians walking tours for single days or shorter multi-day walks.

We strive to be a part of every GPT walker’s journey. Whether it’s a simple chat with a helpful local, support for your self-guided hike, or curating a fully guided experience, the Grampians Peaks Walking Company is here to help make your journey, and the world, a better place.

grampians tours